Loe Shimmy with Us: Get to Know Her

Loe Shimmy is a young rapper and upcoming artist. Check out his most recent interview. Shimmy talks about his latest release “Wake Em Up”, which has tens of thousands of listeners. Shimmy, an American rapper, is a native of Pompano Beach Florida. He has a distinct and unique flow. Enjoy the read while you watch this artist to hear more of his great hits.

Congratulations on the release of “Wake Em Up!” Tell us about the production and creation of this track. What were the biggest challenges that you faced?

My team and I were both in California. When a producer played a beat, I knew that it was perfect. I had no challenges. I walked into the studio and played the moment. The production was a success thanks to all the people involved, their talent, and their dedication.

What inspired you to write “Wake Em Up?”

My inspiration came from me, my hunger, and my desire to tell everyone how I feel… to awaken them and share my enthusiasm so that others might also be motivated and inspired to make a difference.

Tell us about Z End, your album. What is the message of your album Z End?

My album ” Z End ” was a real message that said, “It’s all over after this. I’m kicking in the door of the music industry”. That’s what I did, I was productive, creating new music and I am happy with the results so far.

What artists do you admire? Who has been your greatest influence?

I admire the talent and character of artists such as Future, Kodak, 21 Savage, Soulja Slim, The Weekend, and Adele. My family is the biggest influence on me right now. They keep me motivated and inspired whenever I can.

What direction do you envision your music taking in the future? Will you try out new hip-hop directions?

I want to see my music become the number one artist in the entire world. I also want to have the top album in the charts. I will be touring all over the country and rocking stadiums.

Tell us about your most memorable/best moment as an artist.

The crowd chanting my songs in full was the most memorable part of my life. Music is the bread and salt of an artist because it allows us to share our innermost selves with others. It’s powerful when they love it!

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